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Our goal The ever-growing team of Marveltest has the goal to make the Dutch SME sector the most efficient and technology-driven of Europe. SME’s in the Netherlands are the backbone of the economy being built by worldly known dutch entrepreneurship. Despite the succes of dutch companies digital and data-driven has not been utilized yet. Therefore we have built a go-to solution with Marveltest, Marvellive and Marveltransition where businesses of every stage have an affordable solution for a data-driven future.
Our story We as founders of Marveltest launched this business based on our previous experiences on launching businesses. As every person working in business knows, there is a lot of uncertainty when pursuing projects. Especially when launching new products or even launching a totally new business. Having experienced some business failures in our experience as entrepreneurs brought us to think about how the high cost coming with these projects could be mitigated.

As a result we have gathered all testing and data knowledge of the past years to build a powerful high-capacity testing algorithm. Now we are able to test all our and client project for viability. In this viability meaning that a business concept, product, service or marketing concept delivers clients at an acceptable acquisition cost in regards to the margin of the product or service.

At Marveltest we and our team work together with our clients in an entrepreneurial way as if we are generating revenues for our own businesses, using our in-house technologies and strategies to reach the goals. Hereby pursuing our passion for business and data, everyday.

Slide MAARTEN VAN DEN BIGGELAAR Founder & Senior Partner
Founder & Managing Partner
Our founders Maarten is an Entrepreneur ever since. He has built over 20+ ventures in his lifetime and is an experienced businessman, knowing all the ins and outs of doing business. His most famous venture was the publisher and media company of Quote Media Group. He continued with bringing the internet to the Netherlands with Planet Internet and starting SMS clips on TV with the music channel of The Box. When he had sold everything in 2007, he started again as a small-scale entrepreneur. Building and investing in companies from different sectors. Marveltest is the venture where all this knowledge and experience is applied. Bhupinder is a young entrepreneur, having built 9 ventures in his 6 year experience as entrepreneur. Having studied Science, Business and Innovation on the VU university and the Master in Entrepreneurship on the UVA he combines academic and digital entrepreneurial knowledge to build ventures at speed. Being interested in the overall creation and inside processes of a company, he combines this passion in Marveltest. Hereby helping companies in their digital transition. He has been granted the title most promising entrepreneur under 25 by Sprout 25-under 25.

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