Slide MARVELTEST THE JOURNEY TO PRODUCT VALIDATION A data-driven framework that provides insight into the buying intention of customers for a product before it is launched. We use the entire Internet in a structured, systematic and empirical way to validate a product or service by selling it before it exists.

Slide ONBOARDING THE MARVELTEST First things first, let’s make sure we are on the same page. Here we connect ourselves with your systems to gather all essential marketing data and metrics to generate results. This is combined with documentation and necessary user permissions to work both efficiently and swiftly. Furthermore, we provide a clear overview of the next steps to come and deliverables.

We track your competitor insights and data with our in-house software. This is performed through the aggregation of online data sets from both public and private entities. Allowing us to deliver tailor made marketing strategies and key learnings to have competitive edge. You can provide us with a list of competitors you would like to be investigated or we can make a recommendation on who to investigate in your market. In this step we analyze and benchmark your competitors across all the available data online.

We design and test audiences based on our extensive in-house data sets. Helping you determine your target audience according to behavioral, geographical and demographic characteristics which match your product. This information is then utilized to optimize marketing campaigns based on highest margin and Return On Ad Spend. Understanding your target audience goes a long way in developing your business.

John (34), is an entrepreneur and lives in the Netherlands. He reads Het Parool, drives a BMW and shops offline at Bijenkorf. John is 90% likely to buy Client product A.

Thomas (22) is a student and lives in the Netherlands. He follows Hypebeast on Instagram, shops online at Urban Outfitters. Thomas is 33% likely to buy Client product A.

We recommend to target John, as he is more likely to purchase product A from our client.

Our technology allows us to simulate scenarios based on business models and marketing strategies. In turn, we minimise customer acquisition costs and maximise margins for your business. Our simulation takes into account your entire cost structure including cost per clicks and marketing related spend. This provides the optimal insights for managers to make the right decisions.

John (CEO), would like to launch a new product. He is considering selling a juice box as a subscription model. John would like to know which price point he should sell his juice box at.

Based on a target of 1000 subscriptions, we believe a price point of 14 euros is the most likely to lead to success. It generates the highest margin, when taking into account stickability (70%), churn (3 months), product and marketing costs. The maximum customer acquisition cost is 6,03 euros.

MARVELLIVE We perform over a 1000 experiments across the entire internet.

For example:
Following the Competitor analysis, 4 channels are selected to reach your customers. Shortly after, 10 target audiences are designed based on both assumptions and available data. Once the target audiences have been identified, we create 5 different marketing campaigns which take into account 25 variables. The campaigns are then connected to 10 alternative landing pages which are custom built to match your product. Finally, we deliver to you the appropriate target audience as well as the optimal value proposition.

The next step

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